Eddy Hernández

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“Schools can become places that affirm the humanity of students.”

From Let’s Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Identities in the Classroom

Eddy Hernández

Eddy Hernández has over 18 years experience teaching and working with students in Independent Schools.  He is experienced in writing and teaching diverse curriculum for high school students. Eddy has written and taught courses in Gay and Lesbian history and Spanish for native speakers. For over 17 years, Eddy has been the faculty advisor and guide for the Paideia School’s Gay Straight student alliance. For over 10 years, Eddy has worked with the Latino student organization on campus.  He is a teacher liaison for the both the Latino Parents Organization and Rainbow Pi (LGBT parent association). He is the co-chair of the high school Diversity committee and Race Day, a day that focuses on talking about diversity issues with students, faculty, and staff.  More recently, Eddy was the chair of the “Gender and Sexuality” day, a High School day that focused on student and faculty issues of gender and sexual identity. Eddy has presented his workshop “Talking about LGBT issues in Independent Schools” at the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) and the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) annual conferences. He is also a full time teacher of French, Spanish, and Italian in the High School and Junior High.



Very informative, uplifting and sets a positive platform for institutional change.

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