Oman Frame

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"To do the world-changing work we are all here to do, we begin by building supportive communities."

From “Dynamic Dialogues: Real Conversations about Identity,”
Youth Today

Oman Frame

Oman Frame has 20 years of experience in teaching and diversity leadership.  He is a gifted motivator and educator who combines real world topics with academic rigor in a way that makes learning personally meaningful for his students.  Oman has conducted workshops at the Georgia Independent School Association Conference, the National Middle School Association Conference and the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA, among other venues.  He creates curriculum that helps students understand the effects of oppression on underserved communities and inspires commitment to social justice. Oman coordinates diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA, where he also teaches sociology.  He is also active in coordinating Race Day, an annual full-day program that gives voice to the unique experiences of students of color at independent schools, and Gender Day, a day of focus on the struggle for gender equity.  Oman was featured in Ned Hollowell’s Positively ADD: Real Success Stories to Inspire Your Dreams and has been an 11 Alive News Teacher of the week. 



Martha and Oman created an incredibly successful program that fostered thoughtful dialogue among a diverse group of individuals. In addition, it was just an honor and privilege to begin to work with talented and passionate professional colleagues.

Gregory Mancini, Director
Summer Journalism Program
Princeton University
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