Danielle A. Stewart

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“Curriculum that connects to students’ culture and identities fosters deep connections to concepts and learning, and can lead to more academic success.”

Bree Picower and Edwin Mayorga, What’s Race Got to Do with It?

Danielle A. Stewart

Danielle A. Stewart, Ed.D. is the president of iChange Collaborative. She is an innovative leader, organizer, educator, facilitator, and curriculum design expert in transformative racial equity education. She co-founded iChange’s first Summer Diversity Institute for Educators in 2013 and has facilitated virtual affinity groups for educators of color ever since. In addition to developing iChange, she established The Community Empowerment Foundation and In School Spirit to ignite positive school academic outcomes for students of color and pursue continued research in improving their experiences in school. In addition to her love of teaching and learning, her passion is fulfilled when using her creative skills in a variety of ways, in order to give back to the community. Danielle currently resides in Atlanta, GA



Very informative, uplifting and sets a positive platform for institutional change.

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