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iChange Collaborative - We offer inclusivity consulting and training workshops to businesses, schools, community organizations, and government agencies.




We coach 5-10 leaders in developing a shared understanding of why DEI is an organizational imperative, communicating a consistent message, building momentum through inclusive communication models, establishing cross-organizational feedback loops, and building relational networks to support individual and organizational transformation. We provide coaching on leadership development, DEI best practices, visioning and goal setting, and cultivating strategic mindsets.




This virtual interactive training program fosters concept integration and skill development over a six-month period. Each module introduces key concepts and terms, builds communication skills for engaging in equitable conversations, establishes a historical context for racism and resistance, and identifies best practices for individual and institutional changes. Participants gain understanding of the often invisible impact of dominant and marginalized identities on personal, professional, and systemic levels. The program builds strong, supportive relationships, cultivates equity-focused mindsets, and lays the groundwork for strategic action. (For more detail, click here.)

Module 1: The Diversity Imperative

Module 2:  Race and Ethnic Identities

Module 3: Disrupting Bias and Conditioning

Module 4: Leading Racial Transformation




This four- to six-module virtual learning series introduces terms and topics through equitable conversations. The 2-hour modules explore stories of racial experience, the impact of dominant culture norms, unconscious bias, microaggressions, stereotype threat, and the role of anti-racist accomplices. Each module builds communication skills and concept application. 

Sample Modules:

Module 1: The Diversity Imperative

Module 2: How Racial Identity Impacts Teaching and Learning

Module 3: Disrupting Bias

Module 4: Addressing Problematic Comments and Situations

Module 5: Cultivating Allies, Accomplices and Advocates

Module 6: Leading Transformational Change




Problems like unconscious racial bias can’t be solved by simply acquiring information. Transformational change requires a deeper practice of self and social inquiry. Participants learn to “uncover” unconscious bias through a process of questioning that reveals hidden assumptions that limit their capacity to change and grow. By exploring the impact of social conditioning on racial identity formation, they discover how to move beyond limiting assumptions and achieve positive change. Groups practice equitable conversation protocols, surface unconscious bias, support each other’s identity empowerment, and build collaborative anti-racist networks. This optional practicum can be added to the Racial Equity Learning Series or the Let’s Get Real Conversations about Race series. The process involves:

  • One 2-hour introductory session to the Immunity to Change Process

  • Four 1-hour peer cohort (4 members) meetings

  • One 2-hour concluding session to integrate insights.




This series of four 90-minute sessions for school leaders, diversity and inclusion officers, alumni relations officers, and board members focuses on how school communities can restore the school spirit of Black students in independent schools. We explore how leveraging the school spirit, commitment, and experience of Black alumni can create transformative institutional change. 

Module 1: Assessing Black Alumni Roles and Relationships

Module 2: Healing and Connecting in Relationships

Module 3: Platforms that Transform Pain to Power

Module 4: Implementing Inclusive Programming




This four-module online course is for educators who want to strengthen their students’ racial and cultural identities, cultivate their inherent intelligence, and affirm the gifts of their heritage. It’s time for all educators, regardless of their racial identities and backgrounds to come together to solve the problem of race in schools and beyond.


Module 1: Race Consciousness vs. Color Blindness

Module 2: Race Oppression and Identity Empowerment

Module 3: Racial Identity Formation: Patterns of Race-Based Experience

Module 4: Talking about Race





This virtual resource group explores how race impacts teachers of color in their lives and work. It provides opportunities to connect with likeminded professionals who share common experiences as well as a commitment to racial equity and justice. Through this forum, educators of color find support from and connection with educators who share their passions, as well as their challenges. Our conversations and accompanying resources offer ongoing encouragement designed to support and reinforce the work we do. We share stories, experiences, ideas, and successes in a live online forum.




In this virtual forum, white educators assume greater responsibility for educating themselves (and other white educators) about race so they can better educate their students. Our conversations and accompanying resources offer ongoing encouragement to support and reinforce the race conscious work we do. To be better allies to our students and colleagues of color, we start by taking a look at ourselves. We focus on increasing  awareness of our racial identities so we can better support theirs. Join likeminded professionals who share your commitment to racial equality and collaborate through sharing stories, experiences, ideas, and resources.




These 2-hour virtual events engage the wider community in important conversations about racial equity issues. Community events can educate and empower the stakeholders at multiple levels, help establish buy-in and showcase leadership’s progress. These events are often paired with live art performances. (Time commitment: 8 hours)




This virtual four-module course is open to participants who have complete the Racial Equity Learning Series, Talking about Race in Schools, or the Summer Diversity Institute. The facilitator training program includes four 2-hour modules, outside readings, a workbook, and opportunities to shadow and assist iChange facilitators. (Time commitment: 8 instructional, 8 practicum hours)



For information and pricing, contact or call 404-585-8552.

Dynamic Dialogues

iChange Collaborative’s highly engaging method scaffolds self-reflection, social interaction, cognitive-based learning and real world action to:

Establish identity-safe classrooms

Build relationships across difference

Leverage cultural differences to inspire achievement

Strengthen student identities to inspire ethical leadership

Create a dynamic school culture



I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues and specifically to my principal as a part of teacher training.

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