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iChange Collaborative - We offer inclusivity consulting and training workshops to businesses, schools, community organizations, and government agencies.

“Transformational Inquiry relies on the unconditional premise that every student is lovable and capable of loving, and as such, every student is inherently brilliant and has a unique and important gift to offer the community.”

Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame
Let's Get Real: Exploring Race, Class and Gender Identities in the Classroom.


We can help your school develop infrastructure to support JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) practices among leadership, faculty and staff, students, and parent communities. 

Our Transformational Inquiry Method allows participants to integrate information over time as we scaffold learning activities through multiple domains of learning. Our programs are highly interactive and provide practical experiences that generate a body of shared knowledge in a learning community.




Leadership Coaching 

iChange consultants collaborate with core specialty teams to develop equity leadership throughout the school. Specialty teams include executive leadership teams, JEDI task forces, academic departments, grade level leaders, curriculum development committees, student advisors, and parent leaders. 

By creating relational workshop experiences, our coaching model gets right to the heart of developing foundational communication skills and building trusting relationships. We prepare your team to cast a vision to your larger community.  

These teams build momentum for change through a precise and reliable method that builds on existing strengths and supports individual and organizational transformation. They guide the design of programs through an equity lens and address the social identity development needs of every student.




Let’s Get Real about Race Professional Development Series

This series includes four 90-minute virtual modules over the course of a school year.

Conversation is the revolutionary way of learning, and these virtual workshops introduce topics through an equitable conversation model that explores teaching and learning about identity through the Transformational Inquiry Method.

This series is based on co-founders Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame’s book, Let’s Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Identities in the Classroom (Routledge, 2nd edition, 2022). Participants explore how race shapes their experiences, how they were socialized about race, and how dominant culture norms impact every aspect of our daily lives.

The series introduces the imperative need for racial equity in education, grounds educators in equitable communication skills, and provides guidance on topics such as disrupting bias, addressing problematic situations, and cultivating change leadership skills.

Each module introduces key terms, establishes historical contexts for current racial issues, and identifies best practices for individual and organizational transformation. Participants acquire understanding of the often-invisible impact of dominant and marginalized identities on personal, professional, and systemic levels. The program sharpens equity focus, cultivates strategic mindsets, and lays the groundwork for transformational change. Participants learn how to build the strategic alliances and collaborative networks necessary for ongoing, sustainable change.

 Educators learn how to:

·  Build collaborative relationships with students, colleagues, and parents.

·  Leverage patterns of racial experiences to create dynamic learning experiences.

·  Strengthen and empower students’ racial identities.

·  Facilitate meaningful and productive conversations about racial identity experiences.

·  Inspire passion and purpose for racial equity education and leadership.

We work with school leaders to customize the series to address the specific needs of your school community.




Conversations with Parents about Race

60-minute virtual events

Parents of color in our schools are often having very different conversations about race in their homes than white parents are. Through these forums, we bring parents together to explore the role parents can play in cultivating greater understanding about the experience of race in the lives of their children.

By focusing on the love parents share for their children, these conversations creates a unified field in which parents can explore similarities and differences in racial experience and work together to build an inclusive, identity-safe community for their children.




Educators of Color Affinity Group

A series of 1-hour virtual meetings over the course of the year.

This group connects educators of color who share a passion for racial justice. The relationships formed in this group help support and sustain the work teachers of color are often called to do in our schools. (Learn more)



Race Conscious White Educators Affinity Group

A series of 1-hour virtual meetings over the course of the year.

This group connects white educators committed to racial justice. By increasing awareness of their own racial identity, the group empowers them to better advocate for and guide students toward healthy racial identity development. (Learn more)



LGBT Educators Affinity Group

A series of 1-hour virtual meetings over the course of the year.

This group connects LGBTQ educators and provides a space to explore the interpersonal and institutional support they need. Through a model solidarity and mutual support, the group empowers to guide students to form healthy gender and sexual identities. (Learn more)



Facilitation Training for Educators

Four 2-hour virtual modules

This course is open to educators who have completed either Let’s Get Real about Race, Talking about Race in Schools, the Summer Diversity Institute for Educators, or the Racial Equity Institute. The program is based on our upcoming book, Facilitating Conversations about Race in the Classroom (Routledge 2022), which outline facilitation methods for educators. The training includes four 2-hour virtual training modules, assigned readings, and opportunities to shadow and assist iChange facilitators. For more information about registration, contact



For information and pricing, contact or call 404-585-8552.


Dynamic Dialogues

iChange Collaborative’s highly engaging method scaffolds self-reflection, social interaction, cognitive-based learning and real world action to:

Establish identity-safe classrooms

Build relationships across difference

Leverage cultural differences to inspire achievement

Strengthen student identities to inspire ethical leadership

Create a dynamic school culture



This kind of curriculum should be taught in every school. This is truly 21st century education.

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