Racial Equity and Inclusion Conference Series

iChange Collaborative - We offer inclusivity consulting and training workshops to businesses, schools, community organizations, and government agencies.

For organizations seeking to leverage their capacity for innovation, collaboration, and thought leadership, we offer a new learning series to help you build more racially diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace cultures.

Organizations that understand how to leverage differences enjoy the benefits of more stable, thriving cultures. Yet all too often, conversations about the impact of race go awry, underground, or are avoided completely. iChange’s empathy-based communication model unifies rather than divides and yields transformation rather than confrontation. We help organizations build identity-rich workplace communities through learning experiences that integrate self-reflection, interaction, cognition, and action.

The iChange Racial Equity and Inclusion Conference Series results in these outcomes:

◊    Understanding differences in identity experience among diverse groups.

◊     Acquisition of transferrable formal and informal communication skills.

◊    Empowerment of diverse voices within cohorts and teams.

     ◊    Stronger collaborative relationships, especially relationships across differences.

     ◊    Greater sense of purpose, passion, and initiative for change leadership.

Over the course of the 4-part series, participants gain understanding of the sometimes invisible impact of social identities on personal, professional, and systemic levels. Greater understanding translates into stronger relationships, inclusive work environments, and greater capacity to effect change. Each module delivers key concepts, primarily through experiential activities and interpersonal conversations. Concept integration is fostered over time through social-emotional and cognitive approaches. Each 3-hour workshop is followed by a 1-hour debrief session a week later to allow time for processing and integration. Debrief sessions analyze feedback and assess learning.

Module Descriptions

Module 1: The Diversity Imperative (3 hours + 1-hour debrief)

Addressing persistent inequalities along race, class, and gender lines is the central issue of our time. Rapidly changing demographics make the need for a workforce with strong cultural competency skills more urgent than ever. This interactive session centers key concepts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through equitable conversations, participants explore the impact of their own identities and learn how implicit bias, discrimination and power dynamics disempower or entitle individuals’ lived experience. Participants acquire skills to negotiate relationships across difference, increase trust, and enhance collaboration.

Module 2: Race and Ethnic Identities in the Workplace (3 hours + 1-hour debrief)

Module 2 continues to build on our equitable conversations model. We lay foundational concepts in racial identity formation, the history of race, patterns of differences in race-based experiences, and common dynamics in conversations about race. Participants explore how racial issues manifest in the workplace and acquire relationship-based tools they can use to develop cultural competence and increase inclusivity skills. They emerge better equipped to recognize and respond to problematic racial comments and behaviors and address race inequities in the workplace environment.

Module 3: Disrupting Bias and Conditioning (3 hours + 1-hour debrief)

Module 3 introduces key concepts of implicit, explicit, and institutional bias. Participants explore their personal histories of racial identity formation, including the role of misinformation and trust. Through self-reflection and interactive experiences, they learn the history of racism and the persistence of resilience. They explore methods designed to surface unconscious biases and disrupt patterns of discrimination in thoughts and behaviors. They explore characteristics of strong ally relationships and the value of long-term strategic mindsets.

Module 4: Leading Race Transformation (3 hours + 1-hour debrief)

Erikson saw social identity development as a fundamental component of ethical leadership and decision-making. This session connects racial identity formation theory with leadership development. Participants explore their potential as visionary social good leaders. They investigate how aspects of their own racial identities impact their professional relationships and leadership styles. They explore strengths, challenges, and issues that keep them from leaning in and leading the movement with strong, powerful voices. They connect passion to purpose and emerge with ideas for bold innovation.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference Series builds strong, supportive alliances across difference and lays the groundwork to move an organization into the strategic planning phase. We envision an organization in which the people most impacted by the persistent social problems are not only sitting at the table, but are empowered to lead the way toward equitable change.

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Caldwell and Frame are dynamic and daring teachers who generously share their skills and experience to help us all learn how to guide our young people to a better future.

Amanda Lewis
Author of Race in the Schoolyard
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