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iChange Collaborative - We offer inclusivity consulting and training workshops to businesses, schools, community organizations, and government agencies.

"No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

iChange builds cultures of belonging, places where people feel valued and inspired to make their highest contributions. Research shows that JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) best practices are competitive differentiators, shifting top talent toward organizations with inclusive cultures. JEDI practices result in higher retention rates, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction.
We partner with organization who understand that leveraging differences increases innovation, collaboration. and thought leadership. iChange’s empathy-based communication model unifies rather than divides and yields transformation rather than confrontation. We help organizations build identity-rich cultures through immersive experiences that integrate reflection, interaction, key concepts, and action planning.
The iChange team brings deep knowledge of how individuals and organizations develop strategic JEDI mindsets as they move through the change process.



How an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity inspires innovation.
How discussions about difference can result in increased motivation and productivity.
How organizations build dynamic cultures.
How incorporating inclusion practices into the infrastructure at every level makes an organization smarter.


Executive Coaching

We support the JEDI leaders in championing and directing the overall organizational change process. We focus on internal and external processes designed to position your organization as a thought leader. We support executive teams, JEDI Task Forces, affinity group leaders, and/or individual leaders.





We Can Help You:

Facilitate conversations about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other aspects of identity.
Increase your organization’s cultural competency.
Increase your organizations’s commitment to dynamic leadership.
Create a dynamic organizational culture.


Let’s Get Real about Race: Professional Development Series

Conversation is the revolutionary way of learning, and these virtual workshops introduce topics through conversations that explore racial identity through the Transformational Inquiry Method.

Participants explore how race shapes our experiences, how we were socialized about race, and how dominant culture norms impact every aspect of our daily lives.

First year modules introduce the racial equity imperative, ground participants in transformational conversations skills, and provide guidance on topics such as disrupting bias and microaggressions, how to build trust in relationships, and how to lead JEDI initiatives.

Modules include:

  • The Racial Equity Imperative

  • How Race Identities Impact the Workplace

  • Disrupting Bias and Conditioning

  • Allies and Advocates in the Workplace



Coaching for Employee Resource Group Leaders

Affinity and employee resource groups promote workplace inclusion through both outward and inward facing programs. iChange consultants coach ERG leaders to develop core leadership and facilitation skills grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. ERG leadership coaching typically combines one-on-one coaching with small group coaching with other ERG leaders.  Group coaching sessions are designed to develop a focused and cohesive team of ERG leaders who partner to advance equity and inclusion.


Facilitating Employee Resource Group Meetings

iChange Consultants provide facilitation that builds connections, develops trust, JEDI leadership skills, and best practices. Our curriculum is customized to address topics relevant to the specific needs of each group.

iChange consultants provide expert facilitation to build connections, trust, DEI leadership skills, and best practices. Our curriculum can be customized to address the specific needs and/or topics pertinent to the needs of each group.

We recommend twice monthly coaching with one iChange coach/consultant. (60-minute sessions)

For information and pricing, contact or call 404-585-8552.


Dynamic Dialogues

iChange Collaborative’s highly engaging method scaffolds self-reflection, social interaction, cognitive-based learning and real world action to:

Increase collaboration

Build relationships across difference

Inspire commitment rather than compliance

Leverage cultural differences to inspire innovation

Develop ethical leadership



This was by far the best educational session I have been to. I found it to be extremely effective and well facilitated. I truly appreciate the opportunity.

iChange session attendee
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