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“Teachers need to form relationships with other teachers so they can exchange mutual support and gain authority over their work. They need spaces to voice their concerns among peers who share their struggles and appreciate their successes. When this happens, they gain a sense of solidarity that validates their identity and self-worth.”

From Let’s Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender in the Classroom.

Race Resource List

The Race Resource List can be downloaded here.

Gender Resource List

The Gender Resource List will be coming soon!

Book Lists

The Lower Grades Book List for March 2020 can be downloaded here.
The Middle Grades Book List for May 2020 can be downloaded here.
The High School Book List will be coming soon!

Lesson Plans from Book

The Lesson Plans from our book, Let’s Get Real, will soon be in PDF and can be downloaded here.


This has been a wonderful experience for me-positive, well facilitated-a huge learning curve for me and for what I can bring back to my school and share.

iChange Institute attendee
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