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Three Characteristics of Inclusive Companies

Updated: Jun 26

Inclusive companies

share three characteristics:

1. Commitment from top leaders. When organizational leaders promote and model inclusive behaviors, those behaviors cascade throughout the organization. A leader's influence is like an emotional contagion that drives DEI initiatives forward.

2. Investment of time.  A culture shift is a learning process that occurs over time, and we are all learning together. Inequity issues aren’t remedied by a one-off workshop on unconscious bias. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues are complex problems that call for strategic, long-term, and sustainable solutions.


3. Systems thinking. DEI issues have historical roots and operate through multiple social systems. Our approach centers and measures the workplace experience of underrepresented groups. For example, when Black women feel psychologically safe to fully contribute their talents, you can bet that most everyone does too.

These three ingredients tell us that an organization is on its way to building a thriving workplace in which their employees can trust, collaborate, and innovate.

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