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Lead with purpose. 


We help organizations set and meet DEI goals

There are seven key reasons your agency needs an inclusive workforce.

  1. Laws and Regulations

  2. Extended Enterprise

  3. Demographics

  4. Globalization

  5. Efficiency

  6. Innovation

  7. Public Image

7 key reasons for diversity, equity, and inclusion
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Support for Leaders

iChange has worked with over 200 organizations over the past 10 years and has coached hundreds of organizational leaders in finding solutions that address challenges with lack of employee engagement, retention, conflict resolution, and implicit bias situations. Our collaborative team of consultants and highly qualified facilitators combine expertise in DEI training and facilitation, DEI best practices, organizational transformation strategies, and community-driven engagement. Our services are based on iChange Collaborative’s Transformational Inquiry, our trademark change theory, which combines DEI best practices and inclusive relationship development to leverage positive change and help companies create positive workplace environments.


We start every consultation within the frame that something is already working in every person and organization we encounter. Our appreciative approach generates solutions from pre-existing strengths, cultivates thoughtful, strategic mindsets, and results in well-reasoned, effective action. Our process conceptualizes multiple touch points in a multi-layered framework. Our focus is to increase an organizations’ internal capacity to develop, implement, and sustain long-term, equitable change. 






We provide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training and consulting through our highly engaging professional development workshops and coaching sessions. Our products complement client needs to strengthen Inclusive leadership skills and to support the needs of global leaders, managers, and employees.



Our workshops are designed to support the needs of human resources and executive leaders to provide professional development opportunities to introduce and/or reinforce concepts and behaviors necessary to produce thriving workplace cultures.


Modules range from 60 to 90 minutes in length and include foundational concepts, interpersonal experiences and practical applications. 


These learning series include four to six modules.

  • Foundations of DEI Initiatives

  • Counteracting Bias: A Deeper Dive

  • Leading Transformational Change

  • Inclusive Leadership Development

  • Employee Resource Group Leadership

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facilitation Training 

“Since the trainings, we have seen a drastic increase in employee morale and engagement on all levels."


- MCC law firm.

“We needed a consultant who could help us work past our biases, organizational challenges and who could give us a fresh perspective beyond our own."

- Thais, Department Chair

St. Martin's Episcopal School

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Our coaching fosters visionary leadership in executives, managers, and DEI committee members, among others. We keep you focused and aligned with purpose as you build momentum and champion DEI throughout the organization. 


Additional services include conflict resolution, focus group facilitation, and employee resource group facilitation and support. We offer individual sessions, small group sessions, and coaching packages. 

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Resources and opportunities to understand inclusion from a different perspective.

“I recommend iChange to everyone!."
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