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Key Drivers of DEI - Ethics, Intelligence, and Profits

Updated: Jun 25

People in diverse and inclusive organizations are happier, more engaged, and more productive. As a result, their companies are stronger, smarter, more innovative. There are three key reasons:

Ethical values. Businesses have a role to play in manifesting social ideals, and the values they project are key drivers of their success. When their values align with the higher ideals of justice and equity, they inspire commitment and collaboration. A company’s ethical commitment to DEI progress has a significant positive impact on underrepresented groups, but in reality, everyone benefits.

Collective intelligence. Synthesizing diverse perspectives allows innovation to flourish. By fostering psychological safety, companies see better problem-solving, collaboration, innovation, and thought leadership. Diverse and inclusive organizations are more vibrant and more fun because people enjoy working together.

Good business sense. Inclusion is the right thing to do, and it’s no surprise that ethics and intelligence align with profits. Businesses that leverage differences do better in the marketplace. DEI best practices are competitive differentiators, shifting top talent toward organizations with inclusive cultures. Inclusive cultures report higher retention rates, higher employee engagement, and greater levels of employee satisfaction.

Closing equity gaps simply makes business better – more ethical, intelligent, and prosperous.

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