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The Future of the Workplace: Diverse, Engaged, Empowered

Updated: Jun 25

Strong evidence links diversity and inclusion to employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, innovation, and profitability. Companies with diverse leadership outperform competitors, and the more diverse the representation, the higher the performance.

Consider these statistics:

·  Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity outperformed those in the lower quartile by 25%.

·  Companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity outperformed the lower quartile by 36%.

·  70% of companies have increased their focus on advancing inclusion. 

·  Organizations rated highly for DEI have 19% greater retention rate.

·  Companies with diverse executive boards have 95% higher return on equity.

In inclusive workplaces, people are more committed to their work, the well-being of their colleagues, and the companies they belong to. An inclusive atmosphere inspires empathy, energy, confidence, and empowers employees to contribute their best talents. For these reasons, young and forward-thinking people are paying close attention to a company’s DEI initiatives.

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LaShon Jones
LaShon Jones

Great read.

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